Changelog #2 -5/31/17-

Tom aOwner posted Jun 1, 17


Tekkit Servers Changelog #2



Major Changes

1. The Skyblock server has been launched! This happened a few days ago and as many of you have noticed, it hasn't been the smoothest rollout ever, with a huge bug which prevents IC2 from working in the majority of your land. On the brighter side, it will be patched hopefully today or tomorrow!

2 Factions development has begun! One of the only things left to be added is the creation of spawn, once this has been done we will be rolling out the factions server to the public, please bare with us as we are beginning to take pride in our spawns at the cost of them taking longer.

Features recently added

Master Builders - An insane new custom plugin for the server which puts you up in a timed build contest against 3 to 10 other players, in this time you compete to build the best thing that you can within a 10 minute time using the theme given to you by the server, this is a feature I have been excited to roll out for a very long time!

GPatch - A grief prevention patch, this plugin disallows players from overclaiming Towny and Worldguard regions making your town way more secure!

Admin Shop - We finally added the admin shop! If you want to use it you can either find it in spawn or use /warp adminshop.

Ore Sellshop - We said it was coming soon, and here it is! A place for you to sell your ores and make some extra money in-game!

PlayerMall - Like promised, we finally added a player mall, here you can set up your chest shops to make some money in game and compete with other players for your position on baltop, each plot costs $10000 for 2 weeks, and after those 2 weeks are up you will have to renew your plot manually to keep it.

FloAuction - After spending almost an entire week writing up the ID's for the plugin FloAuction is finally added to the server, this is an auction based plugin and will enable players to quickly sell items using the /auction start command.

Features coming soon

TekkitCoreProtect - This is a custom plugin we have ordered which logs items taken out of non-vanilla chests, so in the event that someone may have taken your items, we will be able to check who took what, bringing even more security to the server!

TekkitListener - A custom plugin we have ordered similar to GAListener, but instead, this is where it gets interesting, it will give out different vote rewards to players in different ranks! This means that you will be able to get vote rewards suited to your rank instead of the same server wide reward for everyone, this opens up a lot of different possibilities for players in higher ranks, donators etc. We are very excited to have this plugin coming soon.

TekkitCrates - A newer and better vote crate plugin which has more crates which we shall be ordering soon, alongside the TekkitListener plugin stated above it will allow different ranks to have access to different crates!

TekkitNick - Another custom plugin we will be ordering which adds nickname support for commands like /msg /tpa /tpahere, this means that for newer players who try to message staff or vice versa you could do /msg <nickname> and it would send a message to the player behind that nickname, this would also add functionality to the staff team as we would not need to keep track of which nickname is used by which player!

MobArena - Don't worry, this is still planned, we are in the process of building the arena now and it should be out very soon!


Skyblock and IC2 - This is a known bug within our staff team and we are confident on how to make a fix for this, although it may take some time and those with affected islands will have to do /is restart when we roll the patch out if they want to be able to use items like macerators etc.


EnderChest - Unbanned! We are also excited to announce that this item no longer crashes the server, at the cost of typing a command when you go to break it, when you try to break the ender chest you will be prompted with a message which makes you type /confirmbreak to break the item, we know this may be annoying, but this is the only possible fix for the item.

Forcefield - Another crash patch! Although there isn't much to inform about this item, we can only tell you that a certain crash bug has been patched and is no longer possible.

Towny - After a small hiccup with Towny the other day, there is now a patch which prevents players from stealing from others plots if they use non-vanilla chests.

WorldGuard - After a huge bug which crashed the server almost constantly when you right clicked in a world guard region, this has since been patched immediately and we will not experience this crash anymore, apologies for this one.

Us at TekkitServers hope that these changelogs are as informative as we hoped they'd be for you, if you have any comments/concerns about these changes, feel free to comment below. - Tom